Independent project
Research based design installation as part of my MA studies at Konstfack in 2018.

Concept development
Design research, Arduino, Protoyping in various materials, CAD in Rhinoceros, Visualisation in Keyshot.

Pine, Ash veneer, Wood glue, Microphone, Amplifier, Microcontroller.
1500 x 900 x 570mm (per machine)
270–500 x Ø250–440mm (vessels)

Vessels represents an interactive manufacturing performance, in which five machines translate soundscapes into a collection of wooden vessels. Everyone and everything that is a stakeholder of the soundscape will influence the appearance of each vessel.

The project explores the ramifications of the design profession, creating a framework under which the ephemeral chain of everyday stories is taken up and materialised. The ever new variations of vessels become shared tokens of a specific time in space.

Vessels challenges the idea of personal ownership and comments on the entanglement of actor, artefact and context in envisioning surroundings where the borders of these three aspects are blurred.

Vessels received the Ung Svensk Form award in 2019 and was exhibited in several locations around Sweden.

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