In an interactive installation, five devices translate various soundscapes into a collection of wooden vessels in shapes I cannot predict. That is to say, the vessels are created by anyone and everything that are part of the soundscape, together with everyone else. As a creator of artefacts, I wanted to take a step back, to instead provide conditions under which the transient line of everyday stories is taken up and materialised. The ever-new variations of artefacts become tokens of a specific time in space – like traces in the sand describing the individual impact on our realities.
The full audible spectrum of soundwaves is divided into five frequency ranges. The vessels that evolve from each device will trace how much of a specific frequency range appears. If a high amount of frequencies are detected, the associated device will speed up the process of coiling the wooden veneer stripe.
The project comments on the entanglement of actor, artefact and context in envisioning surroundings where the borders of these three aspects are blurred.

©Heinrich Ehnert, 2018