Collection of Drones

Humans since 1982 for IKEA

Designer (in-house)

Project management and external communications, Concept development, Product design, Drone design, Prototyping, Visualisation.

Product development, Quality control.

Powder coated aluminium, Metal pins, Glas, Black drones of injection moulded ABS.
500(350) x 500(260) x 75mm

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In a partnership with IKEA two limited edition artworks as part of the IKEA Art Event 2021 were developed and realised.

The drone wall pieces resemble insect collection cabinets. Deliberately presenting non functional drones as static objects addresses the uncertainty of our future, which the drones embody, as technology permeates all aspects of our lives.

The act of collecting, analysing and observing new technology through a quasi-scientific process is an attempt to assert control over it and give back a human connotation to it – preserving and archiving it for an imagined future audience.

The artwork is intended to stimulate conversation and thought about how, why and what we want to preserve for future generations. It is about how current technology might be perceived in the future as we move on to the next chapter of our natural and technological history.

Photos: Ikea, Heinrich Ehnert

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