Kite Lamp

Independent project
Lighting design concept, Edition of 30 in two different sizes.

Concept development
Sketching, CAD in Rhinoceros, Visualisation in Blender, Prototyping in paper.

Ash, Tyvek, Light fittings, textile cable.
368/448 x 160 x 160mm (Ø50 x 500mm packed)

The Kite Lamp draws its aesthetics from a thorough investigation of the aesthetics of kites. An object that has traveled through thousands of years of design iteration in different cultures where it was refined and shaped.

Similar to the kite, which consists of no redundand parts, this lamp follows a strict but simple construction, which is easy to assemble.
Its simplicity and lightweight combination of the used materials ash and Tyvek meet its timeless standard.

In this project the aspect of distribution has been considered carefully, resulting in the lamp being shipped in a small packed and well protected tube format.

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