Falu Röd

Independent project
Research based material exploration in collaboration with Falu Rödfärg.

Concept development
Material research, Field trips, Material experiments, 3D printing with clay, Kiln firing.

Raw and fired Falu sludge, Pigment, Fired clay, Wax, Plaster, Steel
Various sizes.

Falu Röd is an exploration of a raw material, how it is transformed and translated into cultural value to show the creativity of productive processes that bring artefacts into being. This includes generative currents of the materials of which the objects are made and the sensory awareness of the practitioneer.

In an experimental, material-led approach possibilities were explored that lie within the raw material, pigment sludge, which usually becomes Falu Rödfärg and thus an element of a Swedish identity. By getting to know the inherit qualities of the material I questioned how values are applied to things we process, create, manipulate or interact with on different levels and how this is connected to a certain knowledge and heritage in a cultural sphere.

The exploration resulted in a series of concepts spanning form a collection of crayons, 3d printed sculptures, and pottery that all have the raw Falun pigment sludge as base material in common.

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