Rocking Church

Humans since 1982

Designer (in-house)

Concept development, Design, Prototyping, Art production,
Art direction for photo and video documentaion.

Sensor based software development.

Black coated plywood, Aluminium, Electronic components, Loudspeaker.
3250 x 1170 x 3050mm

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The kinetic artwork Rocking Church is a 3-metre-high true-to-scale
replica of the Ulm Minster, which is mounted on two rockers. An electro-mechanical mechanism hidden inside the church, controlle by sensors, allows the church to rock at its own volition through a weight set in motion, accompanied by the sound of a ringing church bell.

Despite its strong visual language, interpretation of the work remains open. Instead, Rocking Church uncannily and naively, reflects current societal insecurities and serves as departure point for conversation and various contextualisations.

One of which took place in form of two public performances together with dancers choreographed by one of Sweden’s best-known choreographers, Cristina Caprioli and her work pending sky.

Photos: Tim Meier

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