Escape design

Have you ever had a shot with your favourite designer or ever had an idea in a bar?
Find us in Milano at Salone del Mobile.
We provide well mixed drinks and freshly printed faces of your favorite! Talk with her or him in private!
Have a chitchat! Have a selfie!

»Take A Shot With« takes a humorous turn on the glamorous design world and self-publicising culture. It triggers curiousity and conversation.
Together with Carla Enchelmaier, Laura Heym and Marta Qilis we developed and built a walking bar that provides shots and a space to take a special selfie.
It is a small space where the guest decides the character of the bartender by choosing a mask of the designer in favour. Would you dare to meet him or her in a small room? What would you like to ask? Are you curious who expects you inside? Taking over a big design event and do what really matters meeting and being with people!

©Heinrich Ehnert, 2017