Collapsible Sled

Independent project
Design concept for KHW Geschwenda, Thuringia.

Max Kimpel

Concept development
Sketching, Ergonomic studies, CAD in Rhinoceros and Alias, Visualisations in Blender and Keyshot, Models in paper, cardboard and polypropylene, CNC milling, Material experiments.

Stainless steel, Polyethylene, Belting, Carabiners.
800 x 400(600) x 250(20)mm
Tobogganing is a type of winter sport that may not be as popular as skiing, but is still a lot of fun and very popular in some regions. Inspired by the classic design of the Swiss “Davoser” sled, a lightweight, space-saving sled was developed and realised whose shaping principle is very simple.

A two-dimensional sheet of polyethylene is transformed into a three dimensional body. The runners are pushed over the edges of the body and provide stability. A strap system underneath the sled allows for the form to be reversibly fixed into position.

In addition to the economic advantages, the folding of the sled allows for easy transport and space-saving storage during the warmer months of the year. Its light weight enhances comfort and leaves the user with more energy for adventures in the snow.

The Collapsible sled summarises as a traditional yet modern product.

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