Independent project
Balance bicycle concept.

Phillip Witte

Concept development
Sketching, CAD in Rhinoceros and Alias, Prototyping in cardboard/wood, 3D printing, Ergonomic studies
Material experiments.

Frame honeycomb-cardboard and Kraftplex®, Steel
ABS 3D-printed pivots based on bio-polymers.
860(940) x 520 x 170mm

The balance bicycle Fridolin is made for children aged two to five as a preliminary to learn to cycle. It offers multiple driving positions and characteristics that can be adjusted according to the size and ability of the child.

Main emphasis in this project was to develop a balance bicycle that provides easy handling for children and parents and to rethink ways of construction and materials usually used for bicycles in terms of adjustability and sustainability.

The central points of the bicycle are 3D-printed pivots on both ends of the frame. They allow for adjustments of the distance between saddle and handlebars, which makes the bicycle growing together with the child.

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