ClockClock 9

Humans since 1982

Designer (in-house)


Concept development, Product design, Interface design, Visualisation, Packaging design, Prototyping, Graphic design for printed and digital media, Product branding, Art direction for video and photo documentation.

User research, Product development, Choreography design, UX design research, UI design, State machine, Supplier sourcing and communications, Quality control.

Black housing of mineral composite, Coated MDF/Aluminium, Custom electronic components, White clock hands of injection moulded ABS, Print media, Coated steel hanging bracket, Power supply, Cotton gloves.
Ø460 x 50mm

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ClockClock 9 departs from Humans since 1982’s signature artworks, the A million Times series, and reduces the amount of clock hands to a minimum, whilst at the same time staying true to the concept of its predecessors.

The leading objective for the development of ClockClock 9 was to break new grounds and distill the A million Times concept to its essence in order to cater the concept to a broader clientel. Equally important was to embed ClockClock 9 into Humans since 1982’s existing portfolio: following a pure form language with a premium finish whilst at the same time allowing for production in larger quantities and adaptability for future editions.

Resulting in a radically simplistc and from its predecessors clearly distinguishable product, ClockClock 9 embodies a sophisticated, modular approach and a complete new set of designed clock hands. The circular wall mounted shape forms the backdrop to 9 pairs of clock hands, performing choreographies alternating between abstract and synchronised movement patterns and showing the time like a traditional analogue clock. To further improve the users experience, an App was devloped in order to remotely control the artwork directly from a connected phone.

Photos: Tim Meier, Heinrich Ehnert

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