Para Site

The para-site consists of three components: Clamps, ropes and findings from the nearby environment. It represents a minimal intervention of »Parasitic living«.
Use what you find where you find it and leave traces. Your playground is your garden, a park, campsite or the next abandoned contruction site.
Build a temporary minimalistic entity or a more complex living structure which refers to the conditions of the environment.

Inspired by parasitic ways of life the clamp sinks its teeth into different materials. It substitutes tools like hammers, drillbits or connection elements like screws and nails. Through ropes the clamps are attached to any existing structure.
Any findings from the nearby environment can be used for construction material while they are not destroyed but marked with a bite mark.
The para-site is an invitation to play, improvise and experiment and represents a critical investigation about normative ways of living.

©Heinrich Ehnert, 2018