Ombre et lumiere

Bone China offers great variety of aesthetic possibilities. Its translucency in particular is a characteristic often used to create atmospheric lightning.
Ombre et lumière represent a series of personalized pendant luminaires made of black and white porcelain. Each luminaire shows a different translucency. While the shape is constant, the appearance varies significantly.
Layers and segments of procelain are conducted into a play with shadow and light.

Ombre et Lumière is an exploration about how traditional yet segmented plaster moulds allow for individualisation during pouring the porcelain into the mould.
Manual procedures led to create modular moulds which offer a variable design grid.
The plaster mould is horizontally segmented in seven rings. Each ring of the mould can be processed separately. By using this design grid, it is possible to change the appearance of the luminaire while using just one mould. It allows the production of a series of luminaries that is individual and unique.

©Heinrich Ehnert, 2017