Tobogganing, is a type of winter sport, albeit not as popular as skiing but extremely fun and favoured in some regions.

In collaboration with Max Kimpel we developed and realised a light-weight, space-saving sleigh.
This collapsible sled is a proposal for young families and winter sports enthusiasts who use public transport.

The shaping principal for it is simple. A two-dimensional sheet of polyethylene is transformed into a three-dimensional body.  The skids are pushed over the edges of the body.

Even though the sleighs shape has been inspired by the classic design and traditional shape of the swiss »Davoser« sleigh ; its appearance, material combinations and belting system are ingenious and inventive.
A belting system underneath the sleigh allows for the form to be reversibly fixed into position.

Next to economic advantages its collapsible feature allows users to transport the sleigh easily and to save space when it is stored during the warmer months of the year.
Its light weight design is favourable for its comfort and leaves the user with more energy for the adventures in the snow. The collapsible sleigh summarises as a traditional yet cutting edge product.

©Heinrich Ehnert, 2018